Something For Everyone

We are located in Russell, KS, just off Interstate 70 between Hays and Salina. The Russell County Fair, reminiscent of the “good old days”, gives the community an opportunity to show off everything from quilts to livestock. If you are a life long resident of the area or just traveling through stop in to see the sights and join the fun. Check out the exciting Russell County Fair attractions scheduled for this year.

Plenty To See and Do

The 4-H Building will be full of exhibits and displays. While there are to many to list here, some of the favorites are cooking, quilting, produce, arts & crafts, woodworking and of course our “Wheat Showcase”. All these events at the Russell County Free Fair will probably make you hungry so, take time to enjoy the food vendors or the 4-H Food Stand.

4-H is a big part of the Russell County Free Fair and we’ll have plenty of 4-H activities. Make time to watch the horse, sheep, hog, or beef shows. These animals will also be on display during fair week along with rabbits, chickens, turkeys, maybe even a duck. 4-H livestock will end the 4-H’ers Russell County Free Fair with the Livestock Auction on Friday night.

Come out and enjoy the Russell County Fair!

The ABLeS are a 5 piece country band doing mostly country hits from the 80’s, 90’s and 2000’s, plus current country, original music and some classic rock and pop. The ABLeS have 2 strong female lead vocalists as well as 3 versatile male vocalists. While each performer stands out on their own as a soloist, their tight 3 part harmony is where they shine. The ABLeS feature many different instruments including guitars, fiddle, steel guitar, keyboard, drums and more. The musicians in The ABLeS band are seasoned professionals that have toured and performed with artists such as Charley Pride, David Allen Coe, Moe Bandy, George Jones, T. Graham Brown and many others.